Postdoctoral Associates: 

Christina Thompson:

Christina got her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Texas A&M in 2002. From there she went to the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign where she worked with Paul Hergenrother on the total synthesis of Dykellic Acid, and it’s biological properties. She received her PhD in chemistry in November of 2008 and went to work as a medicinal chemist at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, where she worked for four years on a variety of small molecule pharmaceutical projects.  In July of 2012 Christina moved to Dallas and joined the Smaldone lab as a post-doctoral fellow working on porous polymers for energy applications.


Sumudu Wijenayake:

Sumudu comes to the group from her doctoral work with John Ferarris at UT Dallas, where she became an expert at mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for gas separation. As part of the Smaldone research group she has pioneered a collaboration with the Ferarris group to incorporate porous materials into MMMs.

Graduate Students:

Arosha Karunathilake:

Arosha comes to UT Dallas from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. She is in her third year working on synthesizing derivatives of coranullene for incorporation into porous materials.

Gayan Appuhamillage

Gayan is a second year student in the Smaldone lab. He first got a Master’s degree from Sam Houston state before moving to UTD to pursue his doctorate. He is working on functionalizing  polymers and small molecules through Diels-Alder reactions.

Sampath Alahakoon

Sampath is also a second year student in our lab. He is working on novel MOF ligands through Diels-Alder reactions. In his spare time he plays several instruments and sings.

Yinhuan Xie

YinHuan (Chloe) came to us from China. She is working on novel covalent organic frameworks and cages.


Undergraduate Students:



Former Members: